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Map of Cumbria

Welcome to the Cumbria Atlas page. The Cumbria Atlas tools enable users to view a wide selection of local data sets at Electoral Ward and LSOA level in a user-friendly format; combining maps, tables and charts. The tools also offer users the facility to make comparisons with district, county and national data sets. The aim of the Cumbria Atlas is to enable users to better understand the characteristics and needs of areas across the county. 

Electoral Wards are the building blocks of UK administrative geography. To load and explore Electoral Ward level data sets using one of the Cumbria Atlas tools please click on one of the following links:

LSOAs are a set of geographical areas, usually smaller than wards, designed specifically for statistical purposes. To load and explore LSOA level data sets using one of the Cumbria Atlas tools please click on one of the following links:
To find out more about the different geographical areas used by the Cumbria Atlas (i.e. Electoral Wards and LSOAs), please visit the Geography & Maps section of this website by clicking here.

    Further Information

    For further information about the above atlases please contact us.

    The atlases make use of Flash technology and users must therefore download and install the Flash software before they can view the atlases - Adobe Flash Player Download (external link) (external link)

    The above atlases have been developed in co-operation with GeoWise Ltd (external link) (external link) using InstantAtlas (external link) (external link).  

    InstantAtlas is a new tool for Cumbria Intelligence Observatory and will be developed further in the coming months. We would really welcome any feedback that users may have about the atlases, including any data sets that they would like to see added. Please send feedback via