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ACORN Socio-Economic Profiles

Map of Cumbria

One of our most exciting data sources is CACI Ltd's ACORN Socio-Economic Profiling Tool.  ACORN uses a range of information gathered from a number of administrative sources to classify each postcode in Great Britain as belonging to one of: 

  • 6 socio-economic categories;
  • 18 socio-economic groups; and
  • 62 socio-economic types.

The reports and maps below provide further detail using the ACORN data set. 

Please contact us if you wish to discuss using these datasets within licensing restrictions.

You can also explore ward level ACORN Category profiles, with national, county and district level comparisons using the Cumbria Atlas - an interactive geographical tool which enables users to view data sets at ward level in a user-friendly format combining maps, tables and charts.