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Migration Statistics

Because there is no national population register, there is no single definitive source that will provide us with data regarding the exact numbers of migrants moving to or from Cumbria. Instead we rely on a number of administrative sources which give us an indication of what these levels might be. The latest briefing reporting on these administrative sources is provided below:

Cumbria & Districts Migration Briefing

Local Migration Profiles

The Migration Indicators Suite, produced by the ONS, brings together different migration related data sources to allow users to compare indicators of migration at local authority level. The suite includes data on long-term international and internal migration flows used to calculate population turnover rates, short-term international migration inflows, non-UK born population, non-British population, migrant National Insurance Number (NINo) allocations and migrant GP registrations. The suite can be accessed via the following link:

ONS Migration Indicators Suite

Cumbria Migrants Survey

A survey of over 800 migrants living in Cumbria was undertaken in the winter of 2012. The survey covered issues such as employment, housing, and access to public services. The key findings of this survey are summarised in the power point presentation available at the link below:

Migrants Survey

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