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Population Estimates

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This page provides population estimates for various age groups and geographical areas.


Population Estimates - Data - National, County and District

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) produces annual estimates of the resident population of each local authority area by age and sex. These estimates are known as the ‘Mid-Year Estimates' as they report on the estimated population as at the 30th of June each year. The following link allows you to view the most recent Mid-Year Estimates for England & Wales, Cumbria and districts:

Population Estimates - Briefings

The briefings below present the latest population trends for Cumbria and districts based on the Mid-Year Estimates produced by the ONS:

Population Estimates - One Page Summaries

The following documents summarise the latest population trends for Cumbria and districts: 

Population Estimates - Data - Small Areas

You can explore ward and LSOA level population data by age, with national, county, district and urban area comparisons using the Cumbria Atlas - an interactive geographical tool which enables users to view data sets in a user-friendly format combining maps, tables and charts.

Additional information

Please note that the population figures are available at other age-bands and can be provided on request - please contact us with details of your request.


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