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A wide range of surveys have been conducted to help understand the views of residents in Cumbria. Survey results have been used to help plan and develop Cumbria's public services and improve local communities.

Quality of Life Survey 2012

The Quality of Life Survey explores a range of subjects including levels of civic engagement, health and wellbeing and overall satisfaction with Cumbria as a place to live.

This report summarises the results of the 2012 Cumbria County Council Quality of Life Survey, conducted via a self-completion postal survey carried out between July and September 2012. The initial mailing of 10,000 Cumbria residents took place on the 16th of July 2012, with a reminder to those that did not respond to the first mailing. In total, 3,346 useable questionnaires were returned, representing a response rate of 33%.

More information and the results of the Quality of Life Survey can be found at the link below:

Quality of Life 2012 report

Cumbria Migrants Survey 2012

A survey of over 800 migrants living in Cumbria was undertaken in the winter of 2012. The survey covered issues such as employment, housing, and access to public services. To view the survey and other information about Migration in Cumbria please use the link below:

Cumbria Migrants Survey

Cumbria Business Survey

The Cumbria Business Survey covers a range of topics about business in Cumbria including performance, recruitment and skills. To view the latest survey results please use the link below:

Cumbria Business Survey

Health Related Behavioural Survey 2010

The health Related Behavioural Survey examines the lifestyles and behaviours of children and young people in Cumbria. To view the survey results please use the links below:

Health Reports and Surveys

Place Survey 2008/09

The Place Survey was used to assess Cumbria’s performance in a range of national indicators and other locally relevant issues. To find out more information about the Place Survey please follow the link below:

Place Survey

Attitudes to Diversity Survey 2007

The Attitudes to Diversity Survey explored a range of issues related to diversity in Cumbria. More information about the Attitudes to Diversity Survey can be found at the link below:

Attitudes to Diversity

Other Consultation Methods

Opinion surveys are just one way in which Cumbria County Council and partners engage with residents and local communities. For more information on how residents can express their opinion on local public services and help improve their local area please follow the links:

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For further information about public opinion research and consultation in Cumbria please contact:

Kieran Barr
Strategic Communications Advisor
Chief Executive’s Office, Cumbria County Council, The Courts, English Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8NA
Telephone: 01228 226329

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