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Cumbria Business Survey

The Cumbrian Business Survey involves local businesses from a variety of different sectors. The survey covers topics including performance, recruitment and skills and support needs. The most recent survey, commissioned by Cumbria LEP, started in November 2015 but was halted when the floods hit the county in December 2015.  Survey work re-commenced in March 2016 when the opportunity was taken to add some questions about the impact of the floods and in total, 2,186 telephone interviews were completed.  There are three reports from the 2015/16 survey - an executive summary, a report on flood impact and a full report on all elements of the survey.

Further Information

For more information including more detailed analysis of the survey results (e.g. by specific sector or geography) please contact Ginny Murphy:

Ginny Murphy 
Senior Analyst 
T: 07826 859026