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Transport Connectivity & Accessibility

Department for Transport Statistics

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The Department for Transport (DfT) produce connectivity and accessibility statistics.

Accessibility statistics provide a local-level measure of travel time to key services (covering food stores, education, health care, town centres and employment centres).

Connectivity statistics provide a local-level measure of travel time to more strategically significant destinations (airports, larger rail stations and major road junctions).

For briefings regarding the latest connectivity and accessibility statistics for Cumbria and districts please follow the links below:

Briefing - Accessibility Statistics: Cumbria and Districts

Briefing - Connectivity Statistics: Cumbria and Districts

Further information about the DfT connectivity and accessibility statistics can be found here (external link).

More transport statistics are available at the DfT Website here (external link).

Geographical Barriers to Services

Another measure of accessibility of essential services in Cumbria is the 'Geographical Barriers to Services' sub domain of the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD). This measures the level of deprivation in Cumbria based on road distance to a GP, shop, primary school and post office. A briefing is available at the link below:

IMD Geographical Barriers to Services - Cumbria Briefing

More information about the IMD can be found here.

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