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Economy & Transport

This section contains information about Cumbria’s economy and transport:  

Economic Reports and Briefings: here you will find the latest economic statistics for Cumbria alongside briefings on key economic indicators like Gross Value Added.

Labour Market and Skills: this page contains the latest briefings on unemployment, district labour market profiles and information about workforce skills.

Cumbria Business Survey: the Cumbria Business Survey provides insight into business and employment issues in the county.    
Household Income: here you will find our latest briefing on household income in Cumbria and districts, based on the CACI Paycheck dataset.

Transport Accessibility & Connectivity: here you will find information about the accessibility & connectivity of key services in Cumbria and links to transport statistics.   
Tourism: this page contains information about where you can access tourism statistics for the county.

Floods 2009: here you will find a detailed information resource about the 2009 flooding in Cumbria. 

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