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Monthly Labour Market Briefings

Here you will find monthly briefings containing the latest data for Cumbria on the Claimant Count, Joblessness (UK only), job postings, business start-ups and Companies House incorporations. These are produced monthly on the same day that the Office National Statistics releases their labour market data.

 Title  Authored  Size
12/04/2017 1280k
15/03/2017 1328k
15/02/2017 1367k
18/01/2017 1249k
14/12/2016 1196k
16/11/2016 1196k
19/10/2016 1174k
14/09/2016 1132k
17/08/2016 1133k
20/07/2016 1269k
15/06/2016 1133k
18/05/2016 1347k
20/04/2016 1303k
16/03/2016 1294k
17/02/2016 1329k


A briefing on the latest Office for National Statistics sub-regional employment data can be downloaded here.  The briefing reports on findings from the 2015 Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) which is the official source of employee estimates and is used as the main sampling frame to produce UK official statistics: 

Employment 2015


In February 2016 Cumbria LEP published its Skills Plan and Evidence Base.

Further Information

For more information about the labour market or unemployment in Cumbria, including access to historical data, please contact Ginny Murphy:

Ginny Murphy 
Senior Analyst 
T: 07826 859026

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