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Output Areas (OAs) are the base building blocks of UK geography.  They have a minimum population size of 100.

Census data is available at this level. However, the number of other data sets available at this level is limited.  

OAs are very small and therefore should only be used for really local level data analysis.  

In Cumbria there are 1,714 OAs. It is often useful to group these OAs together to help provide data for non standard geographies such as school catchment areas.  This may help to overcome difficulties that may have been experienced in getting hold of data for these boundaries.

To view a map of Cumbria's OA boundaries, please visit our Maps and Boundaries (external link) page and use our interactive Cumbria Geography Atlas (external link); once you load the atlas via the Maps & Boundaries page you will need to click on the check box to show 'Output Areas' in the legend window of the atlas.



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