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Electoral Wards are the building blocks of UK administrative geography. 

Cumbria has 166 electoral wards. These 166 wards are also known as Cumbria's current 'Statistical Wards'. 

The average ward size in England & Wales is approximately 6,500 people, but they tend to be smaller in Cumbria. 

Many data sets are available for wards, including the 2011 Census results.

Ward level data can be useful when collating a range of indicators about a local area, or for highlighting those areas within Cumbria where a particular set of conditions are being experienced.  For example, by examining income at ward level, it would be possible to see where financial hardship may be strongest in the county.

However, care should be taken to ensure that data is robust enough at ward level. Another drawback of wards is that they are subject to boundary changes, which may mean that it is not possible to compare data over time.

To view a map of Cumbria's Electoral Ward boundaries, please visit our Maps and Boundaries page and use our interactive Cumbria Geography Atlas; once you load the atlas via the Maps & Boundaries page you will need to click on the check box to show 'Electoral Ward' boundaries in the legend window of the atlas.



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