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Cumbria Obesity Profiles 2014

Below are a list of obesity profiles for the six districts in Cumbria, these were produced in early 2014.

District Health Profiles 2016 (external links)

Public Health England produce local authority profiles which present a set of health indicators that show how the area compares to national and regional averages. The Health Profiles for Cumbria and its six districts are available to view at the links below:

District Health & Wellbeing Profiles


Cost of Alcohol Profiles

Alcohol misuse in England is estimated to cost society around 21.3 billion annually; with a cost of 4.1 billion to the NHS, 6.9 billion* caused by crime and licensing, 8.9 billion in costs to the workplace/wider economy and 1.7 billion on social services for children and families affected by alcohol misuse. Breaking these costs down to the Public Health England (PHE) North Region gives an overall total of around 6.2 billion with a cost to the NHS of 1.3 billion, cost caused by crime and licensing of 1.9 billion*, cost to the workplace/wider economy of 2.5 billion and cost to social services of 504 million.

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