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Public Health

NICE Guidance and Local Reports
Public Health Commissioning AreaNice Guidance - Brief InterventionLocal Reports/Bulletins External Links
Tobacco Control and Smoking

Brief interventions and referral for smoking cessation (external link)

Workplace interventions to promote smoking cessation (external link)

Smoking cessation services (external link)

Preventing the uptake of smoking by children and young people (external link)

School-based interventions to prevent smoking (external link)

Quitting smoking in pregnancy and following childbirth (external link)

Smokeless tobacco cessation - South Asian communities (external link)

Tobacco Harm Reduction (external link)
Tobacco Control Profiles (external link)
Alcohol & Drugs Misuse Services

Interventions to reduce substance misuse among vulnerable young people (external link)

School-based interventions on alcohol (external link)

Needle and syringe programmes (external link)

Alcohol-use disorders - preventing harmful drinking (external link)
Alcohol Profiles (external link)
National Child Measurement Programme NCMP (external link)
Interventions to Tackle Obesity

Four commonly used methods to increase physical activity (external link)

Physical activity and the environment (external link)

BMI and waist circumference - Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups (external link)

Promoting physical activity for children and young people (external link)

Physical activity:  Brief advice for adults in primary care (external link)

National Obesity Observatory (external link)

Childhood Obesity Bulletin 2011-12 (external link)
NHS Health Checks

NHS Health Check - Health Professionals (external link)

NHS Health Check - Public (external link)
Public Mental Health Services

Mental wellbeing and older people (external link)

Promoting mental wellbeing at work (external link)

Mental Health Observatory (external link)

Community Mental Health Profiles (external link)
Dental Public Health ServicesDental Health Observatory (external link)
Accidental Injury Prevention

Strategies to prevent unintentional injuries among under-15s (external link)

Preventing unintentional injuries among under-15s in the home (external link)

Preventing unintentional road injuries among under-15s: road design (external link)
Injury Profiles (external link)
Population Level Interventions to Reduce and Prevent Birth Defects

Maternal and child nutrition (external link) 

Weight management before, during and after pregnancy (external link)
Child & Maternal Health Observatory (external link)
Lifestyle Factors to Prevent Cancer and LTC

Identifying and supporting people most at risk of dying prematurely (external link) 

Prevention of cardiovascular disease (external link)

Skin cancer prevention: information, resources and environmental changes (external link)

Preventing type 2 diabetes - population and community interventions (external link)

Preventing type 2 diabetes - risk identification and interventions for individuals at high risk (external link)

GP Profiles for Cancer (external link)

Health Profiles 2012 (external link)

End of Life Care Profiles (external link)

Disease Prevalence Estimates (external link)
Workplace Health

Promoting physical activity in the workplace (external link) 

Management of long-term sickness and incapacity for work (external link)

Walking and cycling (external link)
Sexual Health Services

Prevention of sexually transmitted infections and under 18 conceptions (external link) 

Looked-after children and young people (external link)

Increasing the uptake of HIV testing among black Africans in England (external link)

Increasing the uptake of HIV testing among men who have sex with men (external link)

Cumbria Sexual Health Needs Review 2012 (external link) 

Sexual Health Balanced Scorecard (external link)

Teenage Conceptions Briefing 2012 (external link)
Excess Winter DeathsExcess Winter Deaths 2011-12 (external link)
Health Protection Incidents, Outbreaks & Emergencies

Reducing differences in the uptake of immunisations (external link) 

Prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections (external link)

Tuberculosis - hard-to-reach groups (external link)

National Cleanliness Specifications in the NHS (external link)

 Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control in Primary Care Medical Premises (external link)

The Health and Social Care Act 2008:  Code of Practice for health and adult social care on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance (external link)

Health and Wellbeing ProfilesCopeland Profile 2012 (external link)
PH Aspects of Social ExclusionBehaviour change (external link)
Local Initiatives that Reduce Public Health Impacts of Environmental Risks

Community engagement (external link)

Social and emotional wellbeing in primary education (external link)

Social and emotional wellbeing in secondary education (external link)

Social and emotional wellbeing - early years (external link)
Miscellaneous Public Health

Population Briefing 2011 (external link)

Unexplained Deaths in Infancy (external link)

Child Health Profiles (external link)

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